10 reasons why Taipei is the best city to be in

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10 Reasons Why Taipei is the Best City to be in

AUGUST 26, 2013 |  BY 

With global icons like Dintaifung and Taipei 101, it’s pretty evident Taipei is quite an excellent city. But have you ever wondered just how amazing Taipei is? Here are 10 reasons why Taipei is the best city to be in.

1. The Safety

Taiwan police car p1020607

Safety tends to be one of those things you don’t really think about until it’s gone. Where else in Asia can you walk around alone at night and not have to worry about getting mugged? Here, parents feel safe letting their kids ride home alone on the bus or MRT. Going to 7-11 at four in the morning doesn’t translate to a robbery. Which is pretty good, since you’ll be needing that money for…

2. The Shopping

TW 台北 Taipei 信義區 Xinyi District 松智路 Songzhi Road 誠品店 Eslite Store night SongGao Road Feb-2013
With hubs like Ximending, Shilin Night Market, and Dongqu, Taipei is packed to the brim with boutiques and shops. With the sheer volume of stores, it’s hard for anybody to not find something they like. The best part? Everything is affordable! You’ll never have to empty your wallet for that tank top you’ve been coveting.

3. The Food

Taiwan 2009 Taipei GongGuan Night Market Yakitori FRD 8580
Taiwan has always been known for its xiao chi, with dishes like stinky tofu and mala hotpot spreading across the globe. What better place to find Taiwanese food than the cultural hub, and capital, of Taiwan? Like the shopping, food here is always cheap, yet delicious. While it might not be financially possible to eat out every night in other places, it sure is in Taipei.

4. The 7-11′s

Taipei Bridge Station 7-ELEVEN
When living in Taipei, everything you need is either right downstairs or a short five minute walk away. Why? 7-11. Taipei is known for having one of the world’s highest 7-11 density in any given area. Besides the typical slushie and hot dog fare you’d find at an American convenience store, Taiwan 7-11′s also sell things ranging from hot pot ingredients to telephone cards! They even offer services like photo development and bill payments. In fact, 7-11 in Taiwan even has its own Wikipedia page! Need more convincing? Here are seven reasons why we love 7-11.

5. The People

For those of us who live overseas but don’t speak local languages, getting around can be a bit tricky. One of the best things about Taipei is how helpful and kind most locals are! Most people here can speak at least a little English, but even those who don’t still try their best to be helpful and courteous.

6. The Expenses

Taiwan 2009 Taipei Pacific Sogo ZhongXiao Store At Night FRD 9010

The cost of living in Taipei is relatively cheap compared to many other urban cities. A dinner that costs maybe ten bucks in the States would amount to about two dollars here. Same with the clothing and other living expenses! Likewise, a college education in Taiwan is not only easily affordable, but also a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a whole new culture and world.

7. The Sights

2010 07 21950 6894 Xinyi District, Taipei, Jilong Road, Yixian Road, Taipei 101, Grand Hyatt Taipei, Buildings, Taiwan

One of the most iconic symbols of Taipei would be the Taipei 101 Tower. Likewise, the rest of the city is filled with other new and interesting locations, from the Ferris Wheel at Miramar to Maokong Gondola. It’s amazing how much diversity and beauty can be found within the parameters of a single city.

8. The Events

Photo via The Color Run

From Fubon Very Fun Park to the Formosa Film Festival to the Color Run, summer 2013 alone has been jam packed with interesting and fun happenings. As a city, Taipei has a very active nightlife scene, in addition to other occasions centered more on art and music. Trust me, it’s pretty hard to get bored in Taipei.

9. The Transportation

What good are exotic sights and fun events if you can’t access them? Taipei is known for having transportation that is extremely fang bian (convenient). With a myriad of options to choose from, ranging from the far-reaching MRT to You-bikes stations scattered across downtown, virtually any corner of this city is reachable.

10. The Culture

Taipei Lantern Festival 2007
Rated one of the world’s top global cities, Taiwan’s culture is an interesting dichotomy of tradition and progress. On one hand, Taipei is a hub of technology and flourishing business, even considered one of the four “Asian Tigers”. Yet on the other, it’s a center of Chinese traditions and cultures, with things like the Lantern Festival and the Harvest Festival celebrated city-wide each year. Taipei even contains the world’s largest collection of ancient Chinese artifacts at the National Palace Museum.

Why do you think Taipei is great? Tell us in the comments!


Feature Photo via Wikimedia

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