PharmaBoardroom’s Women to Watch 2020

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The future looks bright for the UBI group of companies, with a promising pipeline and the prospect of significant capital investment in the next five years. “We have currently more than ten proprietary biological products in various stages of clinical development. We are focusing on pushing at least five of these products through clinical trials into regulatory approvals for global commercialization in the coming five years to become a fully integrated group of biomedical companies,” proclaimed Chang in an interview with PharmaBoardroom in Summer 2019.

“We have come a long way from when I started UBI in New York as an entrepreneur scientist with an offering based on inventions and early product revenues without any financial support from either US venture capitalists or Wall Street investment bankers. We are now beginning to tap into various capital markets beginning with the first IPO approval for our animal health vaccine company ShenLian Biomedical (aka UBI Shanghai Animal Health) to be listed on the Shanghai SciTech Security Exchange. Additional IPOs on the HK Security Exchange, Taiwan Security Exchange, and Nasdaq will be explored for United BioPharma, UBI Pharma and United NeuroScience, respectively.”

Read the full interview with Chang Yi Wang here


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本篇發表於 Chang Yi Wang, 人物側寫, 公司新聞, 王長怡, 生醫新知, 社會經濟。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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