Taiwan No. 1 for healthcare: poll

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Staff writer, with CNA


Taiwan’s healthcare system has been ranked No. 1 in the world for a second year, according to an online survey.

With a score of 86.71 out of 100, Taiwan ranked first among 93 countries, the Health Care Index by Country released by online database Numbeo showed.

South Korea and Japan were closely behind Taiwan, with 81.97 and 81.14 points respectively.

Denmark, France, Spain, Austria, Thailand, Australia and Finland followed, rounding out the top 10. China ranked No. 47 with a score of 64.48.

Venezuela finished at the bottom of the list with a score of 39.66.

Taiwan also ranked first last year, with a score of 86.22.

The country ranked second behind South Korea in the 2018 survey, which was first conducted in 2012.

The results are based on surveys from visitors to its Web site who were asked to score overall quality of healthcare in their countries, Numbeo said.

In August last year, the Health Care Index compiled by CEOWORLD Magazine, an online business magazine and news site, ranked Taiwan’s healthcare system the best out of 89 countries surveyed.

The magazine said its index measured the overall quality of healthcare systems, including infrastructure, competencies of professionals, and cost and availability of quality medicine.

Taiwan’s healthcare system scored 78.72 out of 100.

Three other Asian nations — South Korea (second), Japan (third) and Thailand (sixth) — were also in the top 10.

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